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iPlay Softplay

iPlay Softplay

How can we describe iPlay Softplay? Fun reinvented. Soft play updated. A bright, clean, fun and vibrant place to let the kids play, while the grown-ups enjoy time out and good food in the rainforest cafe.

We needed to build a bespoke application that reflected the fun filled environment of dinosaurs & woolly mammoths - and we did! The intelligent accompanying admin panel not only allows great control of the content but benefits from a 'Live Numbers' tool, monitoring exactly how many guests are on site at any one time.

Job Type:   Beautiful Brochure Website with CMS
Project URL:   www.iplay-softplay.co.uk

Sam and EDSA Designs have completed a fantastic job on numerous websites for my portfolio. Pynes Hill Business Centre alongside iBounce, iPlay and iVR have all benefited from Sams creative eye and wizardry with web creation.  Our brand is our most valued asset and trusting Sam with it has been easy. He listens and advises with great balance and takes time to understand what we are looking for. He approaches the relationship with professionalism but a fab sense of friendship and support along the way.  We are looking forward to working with EDSA in the future to further develop our website and software. Thanks for all your help!
Ben Cheriton - RHOK Holdings Limited