Email Marketing

Having a proper professional email marketing campaign can work wonders for your business. We'd love to help you get set up using our online newsletter facility, we offer many different subscription solutions bespoked to your requirements, all at a very competitive price.

Our Feature Rich Newsletter

Our powerful Email Marketing software really has everything you need to run a professional newsletter campaign. Some of the great features are listed below.

Built-in Newsletter Builder and Editor

An easy & convenient editor to create an e-mail from scratch or from one of the built-in templates.

Template gallery with 30 sample lay-outs

Jump-start your e-mail using one of the professionally designed templates.

Social Media Integration

Tweet, Facebook,... your e-mails with a single click and insert a "Share" widget into your e-mails.

Advanced Reporting with activity per contact

Download lists of which contacts opened, did not open or clicked for more targeted follow-up e-mails.

Open Tracking

How many people viewed your e-mail and when.

Newsletter archives

We keep track of anything you send. Watch your e-mailing efforts evolve over time.

Easily Import Contacts

Hassle-free data uploads and step-by-step instructions to import your address book.

Collect Subscribers through your website

Create attention-grabbing, colorful sign-up buttons for your list.

Automated bounceback handling

Bounces are automatically processed and "dead" e-mail addresses weeded out from your lists.

What Plan is suitable for you?

Consider how many newsletters you'd need to send per month. For example, if you have 750 newsletter subscribers and you want to send 2 newsletters a month, that'd be 750 x 2 = 1500 emails per month.

Then you have to decide if you want the Pro Plan or Pro Plus Plan. The difference being, the Pro Plus has advanced reporting which actually shows you individual activity per contact.

Emails per month Pro Version Pro Plus Version
500 £25 for 6 months £35 for 6 months
2,500 £50 for 6 months £70 for 6 months
7,500 £120 for 6 months £150 for 6 months
12,500 £180 for 6 months £220 for 6 months
20,000 £210 for 6 months £320 for 6 months
30,000 £300 for 6 months £500 for 6 months
50,000 £400 for 6 months £700 for 6 months
Greater than 50,000 Please Contact Us Please Contact Us